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Governing Board Membership

Sarah Turner - Chair of Governors/Member/Trustee

Sarah Turner is the Chair of Governors of Windhill21 and has been a governor of the school since March 2022. Sarah has recently retired as the CEO of a Multi Academy Trust in London and was previously the Headteacher of a large primary school in Enfield. Sarah lives in Stansted and has four young grandchildren who keep her very busy. 

Current term of office: 10 Feb 2022 to 9 Feb 2026

Greg Foreman - Parent Governor/Member/Trustee


Greg Foreman has been on the Board of Governors at Windhill21 since December 2020 and also sits on the Resources Committee. A long-standing career civil servant, Greg brings an understanding of government processes as well as wide-ranging experience across a number of business areas such as liaison, data compliance and risk management. Greg has been involved with Windhill21 for a number of years as a parent of two children, the eldest of whom is now at secondary school.

Current term of office: 15 Dec 2020 to 14 Dec 2024

Liz Adams - Parent Governor


Liz Adams is a newly appointed parent governor. She works in corporate marketing in software technology and most recently, renewable energy.  As a result, she has established a versatile and transferrable skillset, as well as a keen interest in technology innovation and sustainability.

Current term of office: 4 March 2024 to 3 March 2028

Hannah Milne - Co-opted Governor/Member/Trustee


Hannah Milne joined the Board of Governors at Windhill21 in November 2020 and also sits on the Resources Committee. As a practice manager at a leading barristers chambers based in London, Manchester, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Hannah provides a range of legal and corporate experience to the role of school governor. Hannah is also a qualified netball umpire and regularly umpires a range of matches from junior to national level matches. During the course of her career Hannah also managed to fit in two years as Governor of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. All experience mentioned provides a unique perspective to the role of Governor at Windhill21.

Current term of office: 26 Nov 2020 to 25 Nov 2024

Akin Osofisan - Co-opted Governor/Member/Trustee

Akin Osofisal joined the Governing Board in September 2023.

Current term of office:  1 Sept 2023 to 31 Aug 2027



Lesley Stevens - Co-opted Governor/Member/Trustee


Lesley Stevens joined the governing body of Windhill21 in September 2019 and is a member of the Curriculum and Monitoring committee. She has been involved in primary education for a significant number of years, including senior leadership roles as a headteacher and a deputy headteacher. More recently she has been involved in supporting Primary Leaders through a range of avenues including in her role as an associate assistant director of a Teaching School. She now runs her own independent Education Consultancy in which she draws on her extensive knowledge of the Ofsted inspection process and educational research to assist leaders with school improvement, evaluation and leadership development.

Current term of office: 2 Oct 2019 to 1 Oct 2023

Philippa Moore - Executive Headteacher/Member/Trustee

Philippa Moore has successfully led Windhill21 School in Bishop’s Stortford for 10 years, developing the school from a challenging position to one of excellence. Her experience is extensive as she previously led a village school and developed her own teacher-training business. As well as her headship at Windhill21, she has taken on the role of Consultant Executive Headteacher of The Wroxham School in Potters Bar; this position is totally aligned with Philippa’s skills set and she and the Governors believe that this position will strengthen her strategic leadership at Windhill21.

Philippa is passionate about education and is committed to all children being enthused and inspired by a rich and gritty curriculum which sparks children’s curiosity and reflects a current global perspective. Developing a culture of brilliance is her hallmark.

Nadia Manzoor - Co-opted Governor/Member/Trustee

Nadia is our co-opted governor at Windhill21. She is a lawyer with a Master's in Criminology from King's College. Nadia has over 15 years experience in Magistrates' Court work and is currently working as a Tribunal lawyer. Nadia has two children who attend Windhill21.

Current term of office: 6 Feb 2023 to 5 Feb 2027

Chloe Myers - Staff Governor/Member/Trustee

Chloe Myers has worked at Windhill21 since 2014 and is Assistant Headteacher, responsible for years 2, 3 and 4.  Chloe is also responsible for reading and writing across the school and joined the Governing Board as a staff governor in September 2022.

Current term of office: 23 Sept 2022 to 22 Sept 2026

Sarah Wood - Associate Governor/Trustee


Sarah Wood has worked at Windhill21 for eleven years, both as a class teacher, and now as Head of School.

With a wealth of experience gained in schools abroad and in the UK, and in both private and state sectors, Sarah brings vision and skill to the Windhill21 team. Sarah’s passion for Teaching & Learning ensures the continuous development of all staff across all key stages. 

Deborah Mills - Associate Governor/Trustee

Deborah Mills has been the School Business Leader at Windhill21 since 2006.  She ensures the efficient use of available resources by providing an infrastructure that fully supports school improvement.