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Parent Network

Parent Network – What is it? 

The Parent Network is an independent group of parents acting as a bridge between all parents and the school, offering support through advice & information and ensuring communication on issues that matter to parents.

Parent Network – Who is it for?

We want to provide all parents and guardians with an additional way to give feedback, express concerns, share good practice from other schools and to play a role in the development of our school and our children. We also would like to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for new families and instigate a feeling of community amongst everyone.

Parent Network – Key Aims 
  • To increase the involvement of parents and carers in the school;
  • To allow parents and carers to have a formal, recognised way of communicating any views, concerns and hopes;
  • To ensure that these are listened to and, where it is appropriate, that they are acted on;
  • To ensure that information is shared and that everyone who wants to contribute can do so;
  • To work together with school staff to make our school even better;
  • To represent parents, carers, children and families at Windhill21;
  • To endeavour to be a positive influence.

Parent Network – How does it work? 

The Parent Network was established in 2011. We have a group of parent volunteers who are the class representatives for each year group and class.  We hold regular meetings (every half term) to discuss and address issues that are relevant across the year groups.  The lead class rep will liaise with each class rep to collate agenda items which are then discussed at the meeting. You can feed into the agenda items by speaking to your class rep.

Following the meeting, if there are any action points, these are carried forward collectively. Minutes from the meeting are drafted by the class rep chair/lead and circulated by each class rep for the particular class. The minutes can also be downloaded below. You can contact the school office to find out who your class representative is.

A class WhatsApp group has been set up by parents for each class, and you can use this platform to speak to other parents and share issues that are relevant to your classes. You can also contact your class representative individually. A Parent Network feedback box is also situated in the school reception area. You can use this to provide feedback. Any feedback will be dealt with seriously and will be communicated in the format suited to you. You can also provide feedback anonymously.

The email address is The Parent Network is not designed to replace the direct and invaluable communication between parents and your child’s class teacher. If you would like to play an active role in the Parent Network, please contact any of the Parent Network representatives, who can tell you when the next meeting will be.

Parent Network – Results

At Windhill21 we recognise the importance of parent and pupil voice. Previous achievements of the Parent Network have included surveys (for example, introducing the therapy dog), donation of old uniforms to a Romanian orphanage, holding weekly coffee mornings for parents as well as a special “A Teacher who comes to Tea” Morning once every half-term and holding second-hand uniform sales.

Parent Network – Is this the same as the WSA?  

No, the Windhill School Association is in charge of organising fundraising and social events for the school and generally raising the school's profile within the community.