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Happy New Academic Year!

I really hope you had a very restful summer and that your children are feeling refreshed and energised to return to school. This letter is a reflection of last year and to look ahead and set the scene for the forthcoming year; the newsletter will be back on Monday 11th September when the school will be back in full swing again.

What we are proud of from last year 

Although Windhill21 is always forward-looking, it is always healthy to celebrate and take stock of some key successes from the previous year.

The ones that stand out are:
1. The development of the Early Years environment – Miss Stott and her EYFS team worked tirelessly to ensure that the vision of an outstanding environment became reality.
2. Parent Network meetings – these have been productive and have made impact.
3. Learning Hub – an excellent space which has been used for training, meetings, cookery and has been hired out to the Family Centre.
4. KS2 Poetry Slam at South Mill Arts – what a dazzling success that was – such development of confidence was demonstrated by all the children.
5. Academic outcomes – our highly effective teaching has yielded great outcomes for the children across the school and will be shared on our website as soon as the data is confirmed.
6. School of Life – a new initiative which is designed to provide pupils with the skills and cultural capital they need to thrive. Pupils have a broad and balanced learning experience. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills that will support them throughout life. This is still developing.
7. Sarah Wood is highly effective when stepping into my role in my absence, and this has enabled me to work with The Wroxham School which is in the Ivy Learning Trust. This collaboration has afforded Windhill21 to have an insight into how a Trust operates and we have benefitted from many effective practices and resources as a result.

What have we got planned?

Never being ones to sit on our laurels, Windhill21 have been busy ensuring the environment continues to be of the highest calibre that funds will allow.

Our plans include:
1. A revamp of the Thrive Room (this will be renamed The Jigsaw Room) and the sensory room which will support our social and emotional initiatives. Mrs Merrell and Mrs Witney have been working hard at reorganising the environment; so far, an electrician has been in to put in some new coloured lighting, and it is in the process of being painted and carpeted. A professional artist will be working with children to put their creative flair into the room.
2. The KS1 playground is to be resurfaced in the half term – as many of you know, we have had drainage issues. After this has been completed, we will re-line the space.
3. In January, we will focus on ‘The Power of Playtime’ and investing in Opal, a company who will support us to develop excellent playtime experiences for our pupils. Did you know that during seven years at primary school, children spend 1.4 years at play?
4. All classrooms will be re-carpeted and the KS2 practical areas will be revamped and this will support further calm areas for learning.
5. We are looking at the development of a multi-purpose outside classroom.
6. I am going to be out of school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays presiding over The Wroxham School. To facilitate this, Sarah Wood will continue to be the Head of School supported by Chloe Myers as Deputy Head and the rest of the SLT.

Through sharing our high expectations of a hard-work ethic, consistency in approach for all and a high standard of teaching, Windhill21 will continue to empower pupils to achieve well. Beyond this, Windhill21 pledges to give pupils experiences outside the National Curriculum to nurture a curiosity in other areas of life. Our approach is underpinned by our commitment to developing the self-worth of all pupils and a drive to succeed. I thank you for your support with attendance, homework and appearance which go a long way to uphold these values and beyond.

All the staff at Windhill21 look forward to working with you in the forthcoming year and will appreciate your support and input so that our children achieve their all-round potential at Windhill21.

With warm wishes,
Philippa Moore

July 2023

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July 2023