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Building Character

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Pupil Roles & Responsibilities

Head and Deputy Head Pupils

The Head Pupils carry out a range of important duties, including attending meetings with staff and taking assemblies. They are given the opportunity to contribute to whole school development, as well as to manage a small budget. 

Head Pupils: Francis & Ben

Deputy Head Pupils: Hugo, Frida & Marta

House Captains

We have five houses in school: Mexico, Sweden, France, India and Canada, which reflect the school's international ethos.  Every pupil is allocated to a house when they arrive at Windhill21. Each House has a house captain from year 6 to represent them.

Play Leaders

Play Leaders are a group of caring and responsible Year 6 children who have been trained to organise activities for other children on the playground. They encourage children to join in games and to extend their friendships. The leadership skills that they have been taught will also help to raise self-esteem, self-confidence and encourage physical activity.

A Play Leader should aim to have the following qualities at Windhill21:

  • To be a great role model
  • Be Kind
  • Be able to help other children
  • Respect equipment
  • Be honest, reliable and trustworthy
  • To be a good team member

Aims of Play Leaders at Windhill21:

  • To provide a safe area for children to practise their social skills
  • To develop friendships between pupils
  • To encourage problem-solving
  • To teach pupils appropriate skills and games
  • To be a good role model for their peers


Librarians help to ensure that the library is neat and tidy and that all books are returned to the correct shelves.  They also assist younger year groups with using the computer system to return and borrow books.

Global Goalkeepers

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030.  At Windhill21 we have Goal Keepers that aim to ensure that we are doing the best we can to meet the global goals as a community. The role of the Global Goalkeepers is to raise awareness of the global goals and the importance they have both locally and globally.  This year we will be beginning our partnership with St Veronica’s Community School in Uganda where we will be working with the Ugandan students to raise awareness of the climate change and justice and peace global goals. Hopefully, the Goalkeepers will be able to inspire the future generations to make a change and use their voice to make a difference. 

Pupil Forum

Pupil Forum is run by our Year 6 House Captains and takes place every third Friday during the afternoon.

The House Captains represent the views of all the pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 and consider ways to improve their school. The children discuss matters about their learning and school life and raise any concerns with Mrs Moore and Mrs Wood, the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher of the school.

Windhill21 firmly believe that young people have unique perspectives on learning, teaching and schooling in general.   Pupil Forum gives them direct experience of debating and negotiating issues and enables them to see the 'bigger picture' of how the whole school is run.

Secret Agents

Think High! Secret Agents 

Children who have a ‘growth mindset’ will try new things, persevere when times are difficult and learn from their mistakes.  They solve problems and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Children with a ‘fixed mindset’ will not rise to a challenge and may be worried about making mistakes.

Through the use of the ‘Think High Agents’ in everyday school life the children become aware of not just what they learn but also how they learn.  These attributes are linked to a visual image and a name to make it more tangible for the children.

At the beginning of each week FS/KS1 and KS2 assembly will focus on the agent of the week.  During the week teachers refer to the agents as the children are working.  Children move up the zone board for showing particular learning behaviours of the agents.  This will have the greatest impact as the children will see that they are rewarded for perseverance, reflection etc and that they can learn from their mistakes.

At the end of each week in whole school assembly a child from each class is presented with a ‘secret agent award’.  An agent is chosen as the focus for each week and the teacher writes a brief description about the reason they have been given the award.

Each class should have a display of the agents so that they can be referred to.  This can be combined with a display for ‘growth mindset’ too. 

Whole school assemblies have introduced the agents and how they can help us to learn.  These will continue so that new staff and children understand their role.

The nine agents of M19 live and work in the loft of Windhill21.  Their mission is to learn throughout the school, using their individual skills to assist pupils in all aspects of their school life.  


Our Values

Our Values