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Pupil Voice

Feedback Friday

‘Feedback Friday’ is an efficient way to collect the voice of all the pupils from year 1 to year 6 with regard to their learning. In groups of 5, pupils answer carefully crafted questions about their subject, and the outcomes give subject leads the opportunity to see how well they engage in their subject and to what extent the knowledge and concepts taught have been committed to the pupils’ long term memory. The impact of this initiative supports:

  • the subject leads to develop their subject further
  • the subject leads to identify any gaps in the learning so that this can be addressed
  • the subject lead to look at pupils’ books to ensure there is content coverage, progression of learning and clear adaptations for all learners
  • pupils’ confidence in talking about their learning

The areas of strength and areas for improvement in each subject are shared with senior leaders and class teachers. These are used as a developmental tool to improve provision for the children’s learning.

…and the pupils love acquiring a TalkLearning21 sticker!